Wednesday, September 28, 2011

America the Beautiful

One of the first things we decided to do before purchasing our tickets was have Luis become a U.S. citizen. His family has waited 20 some odd years, spent thousands of dollars, and never left the U.S. in order to become American citizens. In 2010, they were finally eligible to apply for the naturalization process.

There are 100 hundred possible questions that could be asked and an applicant will usually get asked 10 of them. So for 2 months Luis and I studied the pamphlet. There was a cd that came with the pamphlet and Luis would listen to it on his way to and from work. I have to say though, Luis knew a lot more of the answers than I did!

I come from a very patriotic family, both sides of grandfathers, a grandmother, and my father served in the military. I've always had a sense of pride in that and this country and I thought I knew a decent amount about this place we live in. Boy was I wrong! It is utterly pathetic how many questions I couldn't answer the first time. Out of the 100 Luis got about 85 correct.. Nice right? I think I barely scraped by with a C... I could confidently answer about 50 and guessed on the last half. Ended up with about 70 correct answers out of the 100. But thats all water under the bridge, I can now confidently answer each question that could be asked in the Naturalization Interview! Oh and so could Luis, which was more important ;).

Luis took the test on June 29th and passed with flying colors. He only got asked 6 questions too! Apparently if you get each question correct they only ask 6 to 8. We had to wait a few weeks later to get the info of where he would be sworn in as a citizen. We found out that it would be at the TD Bank North Garden or the Boston Garden as most people know it as. This would be the first time they've done a swearing in this large. Luis' parents got to be sworn in at Faneuil Hall in the old historic court room! That is more of the norm but Luis was part of a much larger group.

On August 30th, 2011 Luis and 3,413 other people were sworn in as American Citizens at the TD Garden!

I must say, the process of that day was very emotional for me. Seeing Luis swear in as a citizen as well as over 3,000 people and all waving American Flags and so happy to be there! It was uplifting and reminded me how proud I am to be an American and live in this country.

Here is a video that I did for Luis showing the events of the day...

The first song "God Bless the U.S.A." is by Lee Greenwood and the second song "God Bless America" is by Eclipse.

And if you want to see more, here is a video that the Boston Globe put up of that day! They got video footage of a couple cool parts that I didn't since my camera died right after they swore in!